Clean your carpets  with "THE BEST!"

Its a 'Clean Thing'

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Our carpet cleaning machine is superior to others  

Our rotary jet extraction by Rotovac is equipt with powerful rotating heads making 1500 passes per minute insuring the deepest clean you have seen pulling dirt, debris and even sand out of your carpet! 

This technology is better than others, not only because of its 1500 passes per minute but also the weight is on the heads of the unit  and not the operator using it like a wand cleaning system 

( you rely on that operators strength) 

think about how many passes on a wand are made in one room, maybe 100?

This machine does 1500 passes per minute!!!! 

Carpet cleaning prices differ from room to room but averages approx. $75.00 /room

Also offering carpet deodorizing FREE with 3 plus rooms.