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Its a 'Clean Thing'

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Why us?

Our carpet cleaning machine is superior to others for many reasons.


Our Rotary Jet Extraction by Rotovac is equipped with two powerful rotating heads that make 1,500 passes per minute. Between these two heads, they contain six sprayer jets, and six vacuum slots. The rotating heads move in two separate directions, removing all dirt, debris and even sand out of your carpet, assuring you have the deepest clean possible.

It's typical for most carpet cleaning companies to provide their workers with a carpet cleaning wand, this is where you'll see the difference between our carpet cleaning and others. Cleaning wands rely on the strength of the operator, where as the Rotovac we use relies on the 75 pound weight of the machine to do the job. 

Carpet cleaning prices vary room to room. 

Average price is $75/room.

Free deodorizing included with each room.

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